The Law Offices of Terry P. Roberts, Esq. - Appellate Law
Tallahassee Old Capitol

The Law Office of Terry P. Roberts, Esq. handles any criminal, postconviction, civil, administrative, or workers' compensation appeals.

As a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida who has handled over 250 appeals, Mr. Roberts understands the appellate process and how best to help you with your case.

Use The Right Person
For The Right Job

Just as clients are wise to hire trial attorneys to handle their trials, they are also wise to hire an appellate attorney, not a trial attorney, to handle their appeals.

Mr. Roberts handles 100% of his own research — no clerks, research companies, or outside counsel.

A disappointing ruling by a trial court "doesn’t mean anything. That’s why you appeal. What really matters is, what the last ruling is, not the first one in any case."

— Governor Charlie Crist, August 2008